Nightie Night Lane

Hello again! I cannot believe we are in November already and is…is that Christmas I can smell in the air?! Yes, my excitement levels are that bad or awesome, depending on if I am married to you or not. Haha!

Terrible jokes aside, I don’t think I have been this excited about Christmas since I was a small child, peering out the window looking for Rudolph’s nose guiding Santa’s sleigh across the night sky. I can vividly remember my excitement as I literally leapt into my bed and buried myself deep into the blankets willing myself to fall asleep so I could wake to a delivery from the big guy himself. These memories are why making Christmas as special as I can for Michael and Elsie is so important to me.

One of the traditions we have in our house is the ‘Christmas Eve Box’. In previous years the box has included a book, mug, some sort of festive craft activity and of course new PYJAMAS!!!

I am very passionate about using this blog to shine a spotlight on handmade and small business so I am very excited to have the opportunity to showcase some of  Nightie Night Lane’s beautiful nightwear.

Nightie Night Lane was created by two friends who were searching for the perfect Christmas morning Pyjamas. They wanted them to be 100% cotton, Australian made and organic but found it to be an impossible search and so Nightie Night Lane was born. Their children, and any children they knew, soon became testers ensuring comfortable, classic nightwear, perfect for Australian children. Their nighties and PJ’s are are now handmade in their Hunter Valley and Brisbane Studios and their tops made in Sydney. Keeping their products Australian made is extremely important. They specialise in nighties made of soft lightweight lawn, voile and poplin and use certified organic cotton in child and parent friendly prints. Thus, keeping their nightwear good for your child’s skin, good for the planet and good for Christmas morning or any morning in fact!

First up is Elsie wearing the ‘Fairy Ring’ nightie which is made with a soft, beautiful cotton fabric, with pink satin straps and trimmed with cotton lace.

I am totally in love with the gorgeous watercolour flower print and with warm Summer nights approaching this is sure to be a favourite with Elsie too.

Elsie also got comfy, fun and bright in the ‘She’ll Be Apples’ PJ set which is also 100% organic cotton.

And of course no new PJ’s are complete without the obligatory jumping on the bed test ..and they have passed with flying colours.

But what goes up must come down!

And back to Christmas…I am just going to attach the boys Christmas PJ’s “The Full Griswald” here and the girl’s ‘Not So Silent Night Nightie’ here because as mentioned before I am certified Christmas crazy!

Nightie Night Lane have also generously offered 10% off orders!!! Use the code “Elsie” at check out. They have a variety of different styles and prints for both boys and girls so take a minute and stop by and  enjoy. International shipping is also available.

So many thanks to Nightie Night Lane for allowing us to feature them xx


Below are some other links to products pictured above;

‘Bonne Nuit’ plaque from: Tres Collective

Doll from: Blooms Butterflies and Doll Studio

Bow Mirror from : Mitahli Designs

Quilt and doll bedding from: Piccolo Studio

Mouse toy from:Mamas Home

Personalised coathanger from:Huddle and Hum

Fee xx

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