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I know in my home bedtime isn’t always received well by the kid’s but I do know they always love what I put on their beds. And today we are shining a spotlight on Moonlit Sleep who create beautiful organic quality bedding with small details and lots of personality. The fabrics are gentle on delicate young skin and kind on the earth.

We had the pleasure of talking to Karen of Moonlit Sleep to find out more about the brand, processes and what’s next!


One little monkey jumping on the bed!

How did Moonlit Sleep begin?

The idea started forming when I was expecting my first child. I was searching for organic cot sheet sets and could only find “beige” or very plain options which just isn’t me. I love a gorgeous print design and wanted the sheets to be a feature in the room. Organic cotton was important to me as I knew babies spend such a large proportion of their time in bed (well, I was hopeful of this anyway) and I wanted to be sure that she was sleeping in and having her sensitive baby skin rubbing against a pure fabric, grown and processed without the use of nasty chemicals.

So, drawing on my experience in the fashion industry, we decided to design our own organic bed linen in prints that we love.

I love the soft tones of this bedding, so tranquil, but still a little wild!

Tell us about the fabrics?

All our sheets and quilt cover sets are made from beautifully soft organic cotton sateen weave fabric. The fabric is our own special quality that’s been designed to ensure it’s long lasting quality, as well as it’s beautiful soft handfeel that softens even further with wash and use.

We love our organic cotton as it’s a non-allergenic natural fiber that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. It’s also naturally absorbent and allows the skin to breathe. This helps buffer changes in temperature and humidity, creating comfortable conditions for a restful sleep, and we all need some restful sleep!

Our designs are coloured with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes which are kind on the environment as well as being free from nasty chemicals and heavy metals.

All our bedding is certified organic to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) standard. This is your assurance that they have been ethically and sustainably made to the highest global standards.


Tell us about the Safari Design?

All of my nephews love their animals, so we wanted to do an animal print that wasn’t so cutesy. We wanted it to look contemporary and modern, but it needed to work for a newborn as well as a little boy sleeping in his first big boy bed. Initially we were going for a monotone look as it’s been such a strong trend for so long now. But we couldn’t help ourselves and added the blue in. We call the safari design our “almost” monotone print. We’ve had so many compliments on the colour that we definitely made the right decision!

We wanted to make sure that the safari animals were not too scary looking for littlies…. So if you look closely, they all have pleasant, even smiling facial expressions!

Safari comes in single bed and cot bed sizes.

This bedding is the softest I have ever felt! You will just want to roll around on it all day long.

What’s next for Moonlit Designs?

I can’t wait to get stuck into designing a new collection of sheets and quilt cover sets. I’d also love to add King Single options and perhaps some organic quilts into our range next year.

Currently though, I’m very excited to be working on a small collection of “limited edition” pillowslips in amazing print designs. In so many parts of Australia, the summer’s so hot that we only need a sheet set. These pillowslips will add a whole lot of pizazz to your plain sheet sets and naturally they’ll be made from organic cotton too! So please keep an eye out!


Stay tuned for another look at Moonlit Designs bedding when I blog about one for the girls, coming soon!

Fee xx


World Map rug: Milk Tooth

Shelf: Willow and Wood

“M” LED light: Little Letter Lights

Wooden Moon: Wild River

Wooden Jungle Puzzle and Sumblox: Confetti Kids

Shark Mask: Schooza

Wooden Radio: Mitahli Designs

Adventure Banner: My Little Chief

Mountain Cushion: Piccolo Studio

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