Schooza Handmade

Hello Again!

If you are looking for a fun handmade gift for the kids this Christmas than I am here to introduce you to Schooza Handmade, an Australian handmade business that creates animal masks and tails, superhero masks and birthday crowns for good old fashion fun and play.

Just throwing out the Christmas theme first with Schooza’s antlers…because CHRISTMAS!

My little guy has worn Schooza to his last two kindy book weeks (and various dress up events) and of course now they have become an integral part of the kid’s dress up box. He also had a crown especially made for his 4th birthday and I intend on having one made every year for both the kids to wear at their parties.

Michael went as ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ to this year’s book week mask and tail courtesy of Schooza

So without further adieu let me introduce you to Liz, the owner and maker of Schooza, for a little bit about her and the business;

‘Schooza’ (pronounced like school but with a ZA)  is a word created by my son when he was about 3.  He was racing around the room,  jumping up onto his bed laughing, when asked what he was up to his reply was ‘i’m schoozing’.  I have embraced this fun filled childhood play by creating quality handmade items for hours of fun, getting lost in a world of make believe.  

I have many happy memories of doing this as a kid,  spending hours playing with a big chest filled with my parents old clothes and pieces fabric. I’m a big believer in the importance of imaginative/pretend play in early childhood learning and development, and aim to create handmade products that can be used both as a learning tool and for fun (that’s whats most important about being a kid!)

My mum bought me a sewing machine when I was 16 (which I still use today) and taught me to sew.  Today, I love creating unique, fun products for kids to enjoy, that are made from quality materials (as so many mass produced products for dress ups are not).  The excitement on a child’s face as they yell ‘wow mum look at this!’, the smile on an adults face as they recollect a childhood memory, creating something that will be played with and treasured.  This is why I have Schooza, as well as doing something I love, it is also my creative outlet from my ‘other world’ where I work part-time and look after my 2 gorgeous boys, dog, and 2 chickens.  Having 2 small boys myself, I especially wanted to create some products for boys,  and have included animal tails, felt masks, crowns,  pirate hats, and patches, in my range so far. There always seems to be something new to create, I look forward to sharing these with you.

Thank you so much Liz, we love what you do! Scroll down for all the pics and tags for other products featured.

These two had so much fun dressing up and acting crazy, just how it should be! Elsie definitely seemed drawn the most to the unicorn mask and tail set whereas Michael just wanted a bit of everything.

With so many great masks to choose from there is bound to be something fore everyone!


And they look just as good hanging around waiting to be played with

And seriously is there anything cuter than seeing your kids playing, laughing, sharing and bonding through imaginative play. I don’t think so!

Because LOVE and HUGS

Thanks for reading.

Fee xx

Floor rug from Milk Tooth

Wooden Animal Puzzle and Sumblox from Confetti Kids

Wooden Radio Mitahli Designs

‘Infinity and Beyond’ floor cushion and Christmas stocking from Piccolo Studio

Shelf from Willow and Wood


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