Mini Land Doll

I am so happy that Christmas is less than 4 weeks away and that I have pretty much wrapped up (pardon the pun) our Christmas shopping. And frankly so I should have considering I started back in June or July, Haha.

One of the first things I purchased was Elsie’s Miniland doll from Oliver Twisty Tales and although Elsie has a beautiful collection of handmade dolls they are more keepsakes than everyday “Elsie could very well throw you in a puddle” kind of dolls. Miniland dolls are even designed to go in the bath and be up and ready for round 2 the following day. That said Minland dolls don’t come with a whole lot of accessories, in fact they literally come in their singlet and undies, and so I made it my business to find the cutest  handmade items from some of my fave handmade ladies.

I adore Sarah Jane Studio illustrations and her latest fabric range ‘Magic’ by Michael Miller fabrics is absolute perfection. Think unicorns, mermaids, dragons, rabbits, wizards and beautiful children in the prettiest of pastels.  I just knew I had to have the accessories for this doll made up in this range.

Firstly we needed outfits and I enlisted the help of my amazingly talented friend Kira of Blooms and Butterflies Doll Studio who used a “Dolly Dress” pattern from Ainslee Fox to create the following 3 stunning outfits.

And that crown? I know you are all wondering about it, well that is designed and created from the one and only Squirrel and Fink. And in the true spirit of matchy-matchy goodness I had a crown made up for Elsie too.

Elsie’s romper by Ellie’s Handmade

I think these two are going to go on many adventures together in their co-ordinating outfits and when I say adventures, I also mean some nice quiet moments where I can pop on the kettle and have a cuppa in relative peace and that’s where the amazing Chook Shed Designs tea set comes into play…

Of course sometime a girl’s just gotta get out and about and no one does it better than The Toffee Tree when it comes to doll baskets…

And you know who does doll wearing the best??? Little Glitter Co with these super cute doll carriers…

And a girl should never be expected to keep her feet on the ground so she’s going to need some wings! Wings made by Blooms and Butterflies Doll Studio from the pattern created by The Wife Made Emporium


Look at those beautiful ‘Lace Wing’ Butterfly Wings for Elsie and her doll’s very own pair too!


At the end of the day I am guilty of casting my clothes aside rather unceremoniously, but mine are nowhere near as pretty as this Miniland Doll’s, so of course she needed somewhere lovely to display hers. This clothing rack by Tres Collective  was a custom piece that I requested and because Holly is not only of the loveliest people to deal with she is also a pro at custom woodwork and this gorgeous piece was the result. Coathangers and all!

So now I wait til Christmas and hope Elsie loves it all as much as I do. Thank you to the wonderful handmaidens involved, you are all crazy talented! Please take a moment to stop by and take a closer look at their work, you will be amazed!

Fee xx


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