What to Do about Roo – Sarah Colborg

I lost my beloved Gradmother this year and this book brought me to tears as I remembered how she had helped me overcome my separation anxiety in my first year of school.  It had gotten to the point that I was running away from school every day. My Mother and Grandmother along with the school devised a plan that if I could last a week without running home, my Grandmother would read stories to my class on Friday mornings. It worked and I know first hand how the gentle support of our loved ones and the power of stories can help in these situations. A very similar approach was taken by Sarah Colborg (the author of ‘What to Do About Roo’)  to help her eldest son as he battled with separation anxiety. Sarah now hopes this book can help many other families going through the same thing

School bag and lunch box from Little Earth Nest

The story begins with Rooski’s first day of school and overwhelmed by his new surroundings he breaks down in tears and wishes to be reunited with his family. His teacher does the best to comfort him but at the end of the school day he tells his Mother he does not want to go back. Of course his Mother is “full of worry” that Rooski did not wish to return to school and decides to visit the old lizard, who also happens to be a wizard, for help.

After listening to her story, The wizard hands her a sack from his magic chest and inside there are two magical charm bracelets for Rooski and Mommy to wear. He tells her…”The magic only works with a charm on each paw, When you can’t be together and Rooski needs a hug. Tell him to give this magic charm a small tug”. The charm will send a hug from Rooski to you. You will know that you’re needed and you can send him hugs too”…

Mommy returns home and gives one bracelet to Rooski and explains their magic and reassures him no matter if they are apart he is loved and she will always come back. Rooski agrees to attend school the next day. Although he still feels moments of sadness, when he does he tugs at the bracelet “to feel his mommy was near” and by the end of the day  “Rooski felt nothing but cheer!”

The book comes with two magical bracelets for you and your child to wear and a bookmark with tips for dealing with separation anxiety.

Buy ‘What to do About Roo?? here

Fee xx

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