Elsie’s Birthday Gifts

Elsie is turning three!!! It’s such a bitter sweet age as I acknowledge the baby years are behind me but there are so many more amazing things to come and watching them blossom into the most glorious little people is an absolute privilege.

And of course with birthdays comes presents. Again I tried my very best to shop small and handmade.

Goodies Galore!

I feel like 3 is the age to get your first proper bike so that was an easy one to check off the list. We purchased this one from Reid Cycles and hello the cutest little basket!!! And of course we have to keep that little noggin’ safe and after looking around I came across Nutcase Helmets and loved their fun designs, especially the pink daisy.

I shopped small through some of my fave Instagram businesses and as Elsie loves “repairing things” with “Daddy’s tools” I thought this little carpenter’s bench from Bubble and Bird would be a hit.

Carpenter’s Bench

The kids and I often play fishing games and so of course when I saw this little fishing set from Leo and Bella I knew I had to get it.  Michael and I have been playing with it on the sly ever since it arrived, haha!

So cute!!!

Elsie loves all things transport. She is always zooming or “brumming” from one end of the house to the other. So I thought she needed her own race track for some less strenuous (noisy)”brumming”. This little race track from Wiggles Piggles is so cool and it is quite fitting it comes with three cars.

Kids Concept Racing Car Set

I always try my very best to include handmade items into the kids gifts and have been wanting to have something created by Twirl Girl Boutique since…let’s just say forever and hence this ‘Day Tripper Bag’ was  a must this year. I will be getting one for Michael too.


Elsie loves dolls, teddies and softies and lugging them around so I think this little Tiny Tot and Camper from Three Kittens will make her very happy.

And books always books. I purchase most of my books from The Book Depository because free postage worldwide, SO many books and I love that you can make wishlists…mine is LONG! Oh and some Converse shoes…because they look so dang cute on kids!

Flora and Friends Memory Game also purchased from ‘The Book Depositoty’

Now I have a busy week ahead putting Elsie’s  party together which I will share here early next week.

Fee xx

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