Michael and I make a ‘My Little Fairy Garden – Billy Goat Gruff’ Terrarium

Firstly, I am no terrarium expert and so like all clueless modern beings I went straight to google. And of course Bunnings have a terrarium DIY  video on their website  (well done to their marketing department) which I watched and used as a guide to make ours.

Next on the agenda was finding some sort of glassware that was large enough to showcase our My Little Fairy Garden Billy Goat’s Gruff Kit and plants. I found a large glass bowl at one of those “Mainly $2 shops”, no doubt you could find something similar in your local one, a homeware store or even an old fish tank.

Plants, plants and more plants! Oh and a bowl.

Next it was a trip to Bunnings to pick out the materials and plants. Bunnings has a range of plants called “Bottle Babies” just for the budding terrarium maker…who knew! It was so much fun choosing and we picked an assortment of sizes with different textures and foliage patterns.

The boring but necessary stuff

First we washed out our glass bowl and then added the pebbles, horticultural charcoal and finally the bonsai soil (as per the video).

I built the soil up a little bit at the back and added some rocks (also from Bunnings) to hold in place, because as the fairytale goes the billy goats want to go up the hillside to make themselves fat.

“Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge?”
Playing around with positioning

Then for the fun stuff. We decided to place our Kit pieces first and then add the plants around them. The kit comes with a billy goat, troll, bridge, sign post and seat. My Little Fairy Garden has a range of  kits that I think would make great gift ideas and you could either leave them boxed or go all out and create a garden for the recipient.

Now…drumroll please…

Our finished terrarium! 

Michael and I were so happy and a little bit proud with how it turned out. Michael also added the little pebbles from our garden to create some paths, so cute!

Use a spray bottle to water to avoid a flood of biblical proportions

Next we will be working on Elsie’s fairy garden and I will share with you as soon as possible. In the meantime if you’re looking for more fairy garden inspiration head to My Little Fairy Garden and take a look at their full range.

Fee xx






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