My Creative Box

The kids had an absolute blast with their My Creative Box ‘March Creative Box for Siblings’ and I was actually blown away by the content and thought that had gone into it. Delivered to our door, there were 6 different craft activities to complete and each one was sealed in individual packaging to keep it all neat and organised.

I had wondered if I would have to dash down to the shops for some extra bits and bobs, but no, the box contained absolutely everything we needed and the contents are all so brilliantly planned that the clean up is super minimal too. It’s almost too good to be true, but it’s not. Best. Craft. Session. Ever!

The activities were also themed around events in March and the beginning of Autumn. The 6 activities that were included were;

“Autumn Leaf Paper Weaving”


“Autumn Leaf Rubbing”


“Autumn 3D Tree”


“Beaded Wind Chime”

“St Patrick’s Day Rainbow Painting”

and last but not least;

“Clean Up Australia Day Collage”

Each activity came with step by step instructions and accompanying photos and on the reverse side  are “Parenting Prompts” which are an added guide to making the most out of the activity. There are also some fabulous extension activities which the kids cannot wait to try out.

I really needed some quality time with the kids this week and this was just the perfect way to do that. All it took was opening the box and we were half way there. I really could not recommend these highly enough. And neither could these two;

Thank you so much to Leeanne and Abby of My Creative Box for letting us take a look at their fabulous product.

Fee xx

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